Paris, France, participating in the international exhibition of military and police equipment


In 2017, two years' international military and police equipment exhibition in Europe (Paris, France) was held in -24 November 21, 2017, North Villeurbanne Exhibition Center, Paris, France.

Beijing time, Beijing, November 20, 2017, 17:59:02 Villeurbanne Exhibition Center, Paris, France

France international police equipment exhibition by the French government, the Department of homeland security, the Ministry of the interior, Security Council, commercial services company jointly organized, formerly known as EXPOL (police equipment exhibition), aims at commercial behavior, government agencies and public institutions a safeguard people's safety, blocking the security threat, terrorist the attacks and been involved in serious harm to people's life safety and social order. Every two years the world's largest Paris international police equipment exhibition will be held in Paris, France Nuodeweile class exhibition center in November 2017.

In France under the support of the Ministry of the interior, in November 19, 2013, the French Interior Minister MauelValls held a ribbon cutting ceremony for the exhibition, the exhibition industry on behalf of the chairman of the PrefectRemiThuau, the interior ministry officials, and representatives from around the world met. The four day exhibition attracted from France, the United States. In Germany, Chinese, Israel, Italy, Belgium, Brazil, UK, 915 enterprises in Russia and other 49 countries participating, 64% exhibitors outside France, Belarus, Cyprus, Ireland, Montenegro, Norway, New Zealand, Republic of Dominica and Serbia for the first time exhibitors. 25834 visitors from 150 countries visit the exhibition, the international audience number increased by 12.5% over the previous 161; official representatives visited the exhibition, the exhibition has increased over the previous 46%. after decades of unremitting efforts, has become today One of the world's most important arms and police equipment shows is the best route to the European police market.

In Germany, Britain, France and other Western Europe security market accounted for 36% of the global security market scale, has a huge potential market, the Western security market features include: 1. stable demand, pay attention to product quality; 2. competition diversity, difference is obvious; 3. countries have many pathways different. The European market as a single market, countries with their own market as the center, almost no chain operating enterprises. The French economy developed, the gross domestic product in the world. The major industrial sectors of mining, metallurgy, steel, automobile, shipbuilding, machinery manufacturing, textile, chemical, electrical, power, daily consumption goods, food processing and construction industry.

According to the Bureau of statistics, 2017 1-7 months, the bilateral import and export of goods amounted to $29 billion 130 million, growth of 7.0%. the growth of 8.7% in France China exports $11 billion 190 million, accounting for 3.7% of the total, French exports, an increase of 0.2 percentage points; since France China imports $17 billion 940 million, an increase of 6%, accounting for 5.1% of France's total imports, unchanged from the same period last year.1-7 month, France and China trade deficit of $6 billion 750 million, growth of 1.9%. by the end of July, the French China seventh largest export market and the eighth largest source of imports.

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